"Klotz" As In "Blood"

A Testament to the Insidious Impact of Florida Sunshine on Brain Matter

Thursday, February 9, 2006


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“Klotz” as in “Blood” carries on my work (“work?”) started on the Miami-based blog Critical Miami. You’ll find the first post (April, 2005) here; all others are in archived under “Steve Klotz.”

The look of “Klotz” as in “Blood” will change, but the tone and perspective have already been established. No matter what part of Hollywood, Florida my ass may be in, my brain is on the beach, melting, and my attitude back in Jersey, where they’re bred like beefsteak tomatoes. What you’ll find here reflects just that. It’s only fun.

Please post your comments, no matter how inane, because here we’re all about airing out our assholes for all the world to watch. And post often, exercising the attitude you implement daily; i.e., You’re always right, You know best, and Everybody else can kiss your sweetmeat nethers.

Email me if you like at SSKlotz@gmail.com.

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