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Thursday, May 3, 2007

Sweat Naked, Save Water

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A little-known rule included in the current water restrictions says that air conditioning in commercial buildings — including city halls, shopping centers, offices and college dorms — may not be set cooler than 78 degrees.

Broward County officials got wind of the rule at a meeting Tuesday. Commissioner Kristin Jacobs filled them in after she heard a water management district official talk about it at a meeting for facility managers.

County Commissioner Sue Gunzburger suggested that male employees be allowed to wear guayaberas rather than suits and ties, while Jacobs suggested the higher thermostat would be a nice change from typically over-air-conditioned South Florida.

“People need to understand the greater cultural shift we need to make as a community about the sustainability of the region.” Miami Hurled

Well, good fucking morning, south Florida. Welcome to Ugly Reality.

The first thing that baffled my Yankee ass when I moved to south Florida two decades ago was, Why do people in the sub-tropics dress like they live in London? And: Why do people with the best weather in the continental United States treat it like the enemy?

Finally, facing a crisis, our idiot leaders figure it out and say something sensible. Even if they need to cite a “cultural” shift.

Turn off the AC, folks. Strip off the tie and jacket; the socks and wingtips; the garters, the nylons, your layers. Open the windows, turn on the fans. Embrace the warmth and humidity, stop fighting it.

oiled2.jpgSince to this point, plain ordinary common sense has been an insufficient motive, perhaps now that it’s the sensible and environmentally responsible thing to do, it will happen. Maybe.

It’s okay to sweat. That’s why god gave us Wilkinson Sword blades, Dial soap, Right Guard, and Caswell-Massey. It’s why you don’t decimate the tree canopy. It’s why you keep open spaces in urban areas. You accept this, you don’t “protect against it.”

This way, we’re all more comfortable, more relaxed, more connected. And we end up with more water for everybody, lower electric power consumption, and cleaner air. And maybe just maybe we’ll concentrate on what’s important, not what we think we should look and feel like in New York in October.

But this is something I’ve fruitlessly preached for over 20 years to deaf ears and mocking jeers. I’m certain that even salt water intrusion to the aquifer won’t convince people to change their habits. Just because this is the subtropics doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be “professionally attired,” so the AC must continue to blast, right?

Bear that thought in mind when you visit Green Bay next winter in your Bermuda shorts. See how many folks say “Yeah!” and climb aboard.

We’re trying to operate a planet here.

9 Responses to “Sweat Naked, Save Water”

  1. the masspube Says:

    I’ve been to your house in summer when its 400 degrees and Guido decides to cook pasta with hot sauce. Very comfortable without air conditioning once you hve yor sweat glands surgically removed and you neglected to state that you have no air conditioning in your home which is why you have so few friends except for the rattlesnakes which enjoy the heat so much.

    Flori-duh has horrible weather for six months a year. Even the Seminoles air condition the Hard Rock .

  2. Sal & Sol Says:

    This is long overdue. ‘Way back during the first winter oil crisis, offices up north were asked to crank down the thermostats below 70 degrees. A lot of squawking ensued, but people got used to it, and dressed for it. Same thing needs to happen in south Florida. What’s the point of making offices and stores so cold you need to wear a sweater?

  3. Mister E Says:

    One reason I hear it’s kept so cold all the time is “that’s the way the seniors want it.” Evidently if it gets too warm, they start to rot and stink, which is bad for business.

  4. Ronald Reagen Says:

    Well I understand the need to reduce consumption of water, but how do you increase urban tree canopy without planting more trees, which drink lots of water? And trees cause more pollution than automobiles. No, to save water, we’re better off paving over the national forests and planting more rivers and ponds. After all, a tree is a tree — how many more do you have to look at?

  5. Al Gore Says:

    Dig this, Ronnie.

  6. Hose B Says:

    Evidently the only reason for this post is an excuse to show that luscious hot sweaty broad…..don’t you think you ought to provide a photo credit? Not that I would visit a website to see more shots of her, of course, but just as a matter of respect for intellectual property.

  7. Steve Says:

    Got you covered, Hose: Her name is Bianca Beauchamp, and her website is biancabeauchamp.com. But I found this photo (and similar others) here. Have fun handling your intellectual property.

  8. Bikram Says:

    Steve, you are my disciple.

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