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A Testament to the Insidious Impact of Florida Sunshine on Brain Matter

Friday, April 28, 2006


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Miami-Dade County Superintendent of Schools Rudy Crew says State Representative Ralph Arza called him names. Racial names, too, although he won’t say what they are, or even what language Arza used. And four others (described as “officials”) say they heard it too, over a period of a year, but they’re not saying it too loud or publically because they’re scared of Arza.

Waaaah! Waaaah! Why can’t our kids play nice?

“I’m just not used to this kind of treatment,” groused Ru-Crew, sourly. “Back in New York, we had Puerto Ricans who were always friendly and nice, even if they weren’t too bright. But down here, these Cubans are a pack of nasty back-stabbing assholes.”

Okay, he didn’t really say that. And Arza didn’t reply, “He can get up off his knees and go back across the pond where he came from. Miami doesn’t need Plantation Darkies running our schools, spending our money.”

Or maybe they did. We won’t know, because nobody’s talking. Nobody has any courage. Or integrity. Or sense of decorum. Or a modicum of what it means to serve the public interest. Or simple maturity, ferchrissake. No wonder the schools eat shit and the money gets wasted.

These are the luminaries who determine which books kids read and the curriculum teachers use. The visionary elite who determine the limits of acceptable behavior and moral conduct in the nation’s 4th largest school district. The powerful and sophisticated leaders of a vibrant, diverse community that heralds the demographics 21st Century America.

Pathetic. Nauseating. Infuriating.

Sorry for the nasty words, readers, but it’s to make a point. I’m just a powerless slob in the middle of the pack with a hole in his ass like everybody else, but I know right from wrong , as do most of us. What’s wrong with the rest of these jokers, and why do we need to put up with it?

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  1. John Says:

    Dude WTF? Really WTF? You’re using this as an excuse to be an ass. Part of me wants to say well he actually did share what he said about the N- word which your Jewish German or whatever the fuck you are ass need not use. He also pointed out that he called him a black piece of shit. If that is humorous to you you’ve got some fucked up shit with you. And what the hell has Rudy Crew been doing here but a great job. And he has the qualifications for it, something Miami hasn’t had for decades. Everyone couldn’t rock the barely passing GPA at FIU’s creative sketching program. Ugh!

  2. Living Will Says:

    Took that bait right down to the lead weights and 40-pound line, didn’t you “John”? Even got you to exercise a little ethno-flaming of your own. Ha ha! Dead-on posting, shining the light on how trivial and cowardly these people can get. Unnamed sources whispering he-said/she-saids while the schools, kids, and community heads down the shithole. Would be even funnier than it is if it wasnt so tragically true.

  3. Merrett Steirheim Says:

    Rudy Crew couldn’t run a school bus, let alone a school system. Why, he’s not even a member of the International City/County Managers Association (ICMA), bound by our impregnable Code of Ethics!

  4. Hose B Says:

    There’s no good excuse ever for calling somebody “a black piece of shit” in Spanish or English or anything else. So what’s the excuse for knowing about it, not saying anything about it, yet letting people know about it without standing up and identifying yourself? If this actually happened, and isn’t some crap the paper is exploiting for its own agenda, then everybody’s looking mighty bad. Again. Still.

  5. Merkin Says:

    OMG. Put the two kids in the playground and let em duke it out. Then everybody shakes hands and goes back on the job. We got work to do. End of fuckin story.

    John: I read miamista and it makes sense, but your comments here sure dont. Youre smarter than Arza, arent you? So dont talk like him.

  6. John Says:

    I’m sure not getting into a babbling contest here. 1. No one, including the Herald was hiding what Arza said
    2. The “Black piece of shit” and “Nigger” are the words that Arza used. I obviously wasn’t calling anyone that.
    3. Assuming from your name you are Jewish, German or whatever YOU Steve don’t have any reason to use “nigger” under any condition, and yes there is a double standard, it’s called history.
    4. Rudy Crew has proven to be qualified, capable and is doing a great job in a tough situation. Arza and several others made it clear that they thought this position had to go to a Hispanic. Arza’s whole background is that of being a bully, a coward, an idiot and a bigot. And he can’t hide behind his tan skin, minority status or hood credentials (as he did when something like this arose before) b/c he made it obvious the tone in which he was saying it was racist.


  7. Weekender Says:

    Long time reader first time commenter.
    This conversation upsets me. John, it’s not a babbling contest: you’re the only one babbling. First of all, you’re plain wrong: plenty of people are hiding what Arza said, starting with Arza, who denies it, and the 4 alleged witnesses cowering behind anonymity (so far) bec they’re afraid of Arza. And no, YOU aren’t calling anybody “a black piece of shit” but you’re tossing around ethnic remarks like German and Jew for no apparent constructive reason — what’s that got to do with this? You’re doing exactly what Arza allegedly did. Nice. But worst of all, you miss the whole point: it’s not how good or bad Crew is or how good or bad Arza is, it’s the adolescent way these high-placed powerful and responsible officials are behaving. That’s what the post started out with, and your comment is the only one in the thread that can’t seem to grasp it. You’re too busy getting irritated. And babbling.
    Maybe you need to talk to Merkin.

  8. John Says:

    Weekender fuck you very much too. I will state this for the last time because you are deliberately clouding this issue. I stated that no German or Jew has any call to be using the “N” word or any such slurs in a jesting manner, especially as they were only serving to belittle a real act of racism. It’s arguable that people of color shouldn’t be trafficking in such terms for humor’s sake either but that is a whole separate issue.

    By making up statements that are blatantly racist about Puerto Ricans and Blacks under the guise of attributing them to Rudy Crew, who has not been accused of any such statement, is such an obvious ploy to say whatever the hell he wants to. And yes it IS more deplorable when a white person does it because of a history here and some nasty current realities.

    Four different public officials (including non-politicians) came to the Herald to make their statements but obviously fear political retribution (which says a lot about Florida.) They also shared what words were used. By trying to cloud this again it is a deliberate smoke screen to cloud attitudes that obviously Steve doesn’t think merit outrage.

    Instead of saying, “you know what, I may have crossed the line a little bit but no harm was meant” This is the best you and your alter ego, knob polisher can offer? Gimme a break. I’m just glad I’m still buzzed enough from tonight to even right on this shit.

  9. Weekender Says:

    Guess I have time for one more comment, but John: reread yor last para and tell me what the hell you’re talking about?? Guiess you mean “write”, not “right,” right? Write?
    Here’s your quote: “…no German or Jew has any call to be using the “N” word or any such slurs in a jesting manner, especially as they were only serving to belittle a real act of racism.”

    Okay. So who HAS “a call” to use the N word? And who’s the Jew or German you’re talking about? Arza? Crew? So far, nobody has owned up to using it anyway. Arza says there’s no such word in Spanish! Ha!

    Who “made up statements?” If you mean the original post on “Klotz As In Blood,” they’re obviously bullshit, fabricated, and pretty damn funny. They restate the point lots of people make every day: the so-called leaders of this community get so distracted by the trivial they end up standing by and watching as the whole thing turns to shit.

    Let me offer some advice. I grew up in Jamaica, so I’m considered Black. (I don’t use the N word bec in my generation, it was an awful word to use, and it meant a whole lot more than it does today.) But I find that people who look at the world and its human occupants through a prism of race and/or ethnicity see only a littly tiny trace of what human beings are all about. This is what you’re doing, and I believe you’re a whole lot smarter than that.

    This thing with Arza and Crew is so tiny and trivial it’s a shame it ever got reported. Let them say what they want. Neither Arza nor anybody else — you included — has any reason to make racist remarks, whether it’s about Blacks or Germans, Puerto Ricans or Jews.

    Lighten up too.

    I’m gone for a week.

  10. Mister E Says:

    Privately, in the confines of his own office, Arza can say whatever he wants. He wants to call Rudy Crew a black piece of shit, he can. He shouldn’t, it’s unprofessional, and damn right it’s racist as well as childish. But he can. I’m disgusted by his attitude, but it’s his right to have it, and he’s free to say it. I’m more disgusted by tattletales too timid to identify themselves, but eager to make trouble. Grow up, kids.

  11. Rodney King Says:

    I said it before and I’ll say it again: Why can’t we just get along?

  12. Otis the Chauffeur Says:

    I once saw a 1943 Phillies program with the following ad copy on the back cover…

    Slap the Jap
    Stun the Hun
    Whip the Wop
    And the war will be won!

    Buy War Bonds
    U.S. Department of War

    I’d say times have changed.

  13. One Man's Opinion Says:

    This is just the kind of shit, whether you think it petty or pertinent, that identifies FL as the nation’s dicktip. These men are supposed to be leaders in our community, not playground bullies looking to pick a fight. And, unfortunately Otis, even though times have changed the smallmindedness of men has not. The only diference today is racism is a whispered aside instead of shouted with bravado. Personally, the harder it is to hear the more insidious I find it.

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