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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Crist and Doubt

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Holy Burning Cross! What the hell is happening in the World of Political Pander?

In the heat of his campaign for governor, Attorney General Charlie Crist announced that his office had solved the 55-year-old murders of a major civil-rights activist and his wife — identifying four dead Ku Klux Klansmen as the perpetrators at a press conference right next to the crime scene.

But two scholars who have done extensive research on the case say Crist’s mid-August announcement in the small Central Florida town of Mims couldn’t be further from the truth.

”They got it wrong,” said Florida State University’s Ben Green, author of Before His Time: The Untold Story of Harry T. Moore, America’s First Civil-Rights Martyr.

Green, who has reviewed thousands of pages of decades-old FBI documents on the bombing murders of Moore and his wife, Harriette, said that despite the conclusions of Crist’s 20-month investigation, “we don’t know any more about it today than we did back then.” — Miami Hurled

So what gives? Why is this half-century investigation a hot potato all at once? Reached for comment, a Crist campaign staffer dismissed doubters as “politically motivated…..They’re just stooges for the Jim Davis campaign,” she sniffed. “They think because they put a Negro on the ticket, they’ve got the swarth vote locked in.

crist2.JPG“Well, wrong-o, bucko. Now that Charlie has cemented his right wing nut credentials with Jeff “Shove the tube back down the brain-dead woman’s throat” Kottcamp for his running mate, it’s full-court press pandering to all sorts of un-white Florida voters!”

[Asked if there were any plans to update the campaign website any time soon to actually mention Kottcamp, a spokesperson expressed doubt. “Better to keep Jeb! on there as long as possible.”]

The Davis — or is it Smith? — campaign offered a different perspective. “The Attorney General is a very sincere individual,” suggested a campaign volunteer. “I’m sure that in his own mind, Charlie Crist certainly believes his office has solved the case, just as he’s quite certain, and maintains steadfastly, that he’s straight. Ha ha ha!

Meanwhile, the Moores, Florida’s two civil rights martyrs killed by a bomb under their house on Christmas night 1951 — it was their wedding anniversary as well — remain mercifully dead, oblivious to the nauseating turn of events now transforming their deaths into a political football.

6 Responses to “Crist and Doubt”

  1. Boone Says:

    I am sure that the public, in general, won’t see the coincidence of “Case Solved!” politics engaged in by Crist. Hey, the bad guys are dead. No need to bring the evidence before a judge and jury. You can just shout out “Case Solved!” It worked for Bush when he shouted out, “Mission Accomplished!” It only worked for a couple of months for Bush, but thats all Crist needs. By the time anyone really thinks about the case, it will be too late and he will be in the Governors leather chair. If I was his campaign manager, I’d have him publically announce his engagement to a school marm right now too. It kinda worked for Michael Jackson for a couple months, right?

  2. Camielle Toe Says:

    Boone: LOL! I’ll bet he really appreciates that leather governor’s chair, too. And why a school marm? Go for Jack-o himself!

  3. Hose B Says:

    All this vicious innuendo about Crist’s sexual orientation is ‘way off. Remember, billions of people around the world worship his only son, Jesus. Which in Florida should help him get the Hispanic vote.

  4. Fran G'Panni Says:

    Photo Caption: Charlie Crist with the only pussy he likes.

  5. Living Will Says:

    “Crist has cited the investigation as one of his main achievements in the field of civil rights.” — TBO.com
    Whoo Hoo! His MAIN civil rights achievement? Move over Malcolm, the new Inspirational Leader has arrived! Hey, Charlie, here’s Rule #1: When you find yourself in a hole, stop digging.

  6. Katherine Harris Says:

    Wow, Charlie, your campaign hit its first bump, didn’t it? Well, let me know if I can help — want me by your side at a public forum or press conference? Say the word and I’m there. One thing Florida Republicans don’t need now is a candidate who drags down the statewide effort!

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