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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Old Glory Holes

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By defeating the Flag Desecration Amendment bill, the Senate decided not to desecrate the Constitution. They were one vote away.

The whole squabble was never about the flag, patriotism, “desecration,” or civil disobedience anyway. This came up for two essential reasons: to distract, and to position. Debating the bill allowed its Republican sponsors to divert attention from such pesky matters as a deteriorating economy and 2,600 Americans coming home in coffins from Iraq since the Mission was Accomplished. And it serves to allow obsequious incumbents facing November elections to brand their opponents as unpatriotic swine who would let anti-American thugs use Old Glory as red white and blue Depends.

But don’t take my word for it. Senator Orrin G. Hatch, Utah Republican the amendment’s chief sponsor, predicted the minority who opposed it would be held accountable by the voters. “I think this is getting to where they are not going to be able to escape the wrath of the voters,” Mr. Hatch said.

Guess Congress’ll have to find something else to distract us when they get back from playing at recess. Maybe the two Florida Senators (who voted for the bill, of course) can invite their colleagues down to Miami to share their profund thoughts and deep respect for the First Amendment at the next school board meeting, when Vamos to Cuba comes up. They’re functioning at about the same level these days.

9 Responses to “Old Glory Holes”

  1. Sean Says:

    Special mention should me made of Mitch McConnell of KY, the #2 Republican in the Senate, who broke with his party to oppose this nauseating maneuver. And Hilary Clinton, who, while voting against the bill, tried it on both ways by proposing a bill that would effectively criminalize flag desecration (read: free expression) by law, rather than amending the constitution. Voters should remember both of these senators as well, one fondly, one, well, _not_ fondly.

  2. Proud to be a Patriot Says:

    More moonbat liberal shit. You guys will defend anything at all that puts down this country. Why do you stay here if it’s so bad? God Bless America, and fuck you.

  3. John Wayne Says:

    I am glad the bill was defeated. That leaves the defense of the flag in the hands of the people — and this particular people will pound the crap out of anybody he sees burning, pissing on, or otherwise desecrating our flag.

  4. Donna Treadonmee Says:

    I am from England we burn fags all day. Yes, I know they’re bad for your health and can give you cancer, but I enjoy a cigarette with my pint. Banning fag burning is terrible. Its bad enough we have to go outside at the pub.

  5. Hugh Bris Says:

    Q: How many American soldiers died in Iraq while the Senate debated this laughable bill?
    A: Twice as many as there were flags burned all year.

    Nice to have your priorities on display where your large intestine ends.

  6. Ted End Says:

    Donna: It’s “flags,” not “fags.” Besides, in America, “fags” are gay men, and the Senate would never ban burning them. Quite the oppositive.

  7. One Man's Opinion Says:

    Ok, as you can tell I”ve been away for a while which is why I’m responding to every post all at once. On this issue I have several opinions, so here goes: first off, the burning of the American flag is, to me, the epitome of free speech (i.e. the 1st amendment) and what this great nation is all about. How can you have free speech if you can’t protest the policies of elected officials. Burning the flag, for me, is just that; an expression of disagreement to policy. That’s what it meant in the 60’s (yes I’m a flower-child who was against the Viet Nam War) and that’s what it means now. At least here in this country. (Burning the flag abroad is another issue altogether, for which we have GW Bush, the unifier, to thank for.) And you idiot Mr/Ms Proud to be a Patriot should know that.

    I could go on, but it all comes back to this same point; you can’t have a free republic if you restrict expressions of disagreement with popular (or not) opinion. As they say at the ACLU; I may not agree with what you say, but I’ll defend your right to say it! That my friends is the American way!

  8. Stars and Stripes Says:

    Hey everybody: Please let me know when plan to exercise your freedom of expression by burning an American flag, so I can round up a few guys who are proud to be Americans and exercise our freedom of expression by kicking your shitless.

  9. Miami Harold Says:

    I have an idea.
    Let’s make flag burning mandatory.
    Congress enacts a statute directing every American citizen
    to either personally burn an American flag
    or attend a public ceremony where an elected official
    presides over a flag burning.
    Make is an annual event, like July 4:
    already a holiday, flags galore,
    and with coast to coast rednecks lighting fireworks,
    plenty of fires going on already.
    This way, the quasi-religious stigma now associated with the act of desecrating a symbol is vanquished and — here’s the real beauty —
    NOT burning the flag becomes the act of civil disobedience
    protected as free expression by the first amendment.
    Have a good weekend everybody.

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