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Tuesday, June 27, 2006


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As citizens of the United States, we are blessed with leaders who tirelessly embrace every challenge to embarrass this nation on the world stage, reinforcing our conviction that they are as shameless as they are contemptible. The current example, of course, is the laughable flag desecration amendment, scheduled for a vote this week..

”I think of the flag as a symbol of what the veterans fought for, what they sustained wounds for, what they sustained loss of limbs for, and what they sustained loss of life for,” said Judiciary Committee Chairman Arlen Specter, R-Pa. “And I know that those veterans and their loved ones place far more value on that flag, that symbol, than any triviality the flag actually symbolizes, such as freedom, civil rights, respect for the principles on which this country was founded, or any of the other crap that doesn’t swing as many votes in my backwoods district of mouthbreathing buffoons.”

The Bush administration weighed in, calling the flag a “cherished symbol of national unity and of the sacrifices so many Americans have made in defending the nation.” It went on to deride the “negativity of a decided minority whose anti-American sentiment would erode both the fabric of our flag as well as the fabric of our nation.”

Taking the high road, the administration requested the Congress to set aside partisanship and speedily address the matter at hand. “Every moment we spend debating this issue provides opportunities for desecrators to besmirch our nationhood. Three flags have been disgracefully desecrated this year alone — that’s one more than there were World Trade Center towers!”

Thomas L. Bock, national commander of the American Legion (not an elected official), noted that poll after poll shows overwhelming support for a flag protection amendment. “There is even more rank and file, grass-roots support for this bill than there ever was other great American traditions, such as racial segregation, Japanese detention centers, and censoring books,” he stated. “Screw the First Amerndment! We the People must be heard and obeyed!”

A vote is scheduled this week. Don’t bother to write your Congresscretin: odds are (s)he can’t read anyway.

P.S. It’s from 1999, and widely quoted, but here’s one man’s opinion on this burning issue:

“I understand how strongly so many of my fellow veterans and citizens feel about the flag and I understand the powerful sentiment in state legislatures for such an amendment. I feel the same sense of outrage. But I step back from amending the Constitution to relieve that outrage. The First Amendment exists to insure that freedom of speech and expression applies not just to that with which we agree or disagree, but also that which we find outrageous. I would not amend that great shield of democracy to hammer a few miscreants. The flag will be flying proudly long after they have slunk away.”

That’s from General Colin Powell. No wonder the Bushies undercut him for 4 years before bouncing him.

6 Responses to “Flag-elates”

  1. Lois Terms Says:

    Is that a photo of the President scribbling with a marker on an American flag? Does that count as “desecration?” Who decides?

  2. Sean Says:

    Well, yeah. At least we have Hillary Clinton to protect us.

  3. Tony Says:

    Damn, there goes my idea to bring to market toiletpaper with a flagpattern on it, so you can feel proud while whiping your ass.

  4. Manola BBB Says:

    Colin WHO???

    Just kidding …

    Indeed these are scary times. I think I’ll apply for Spanish citizenship, just in case I have to cross the Atlantic on a banana boat. (I’m eligible.) As one who spent 9/11 abroad in Spain, I got to see first hand what they REALLY think of us over there. Not so much anti-American as they thought of all us as hamburger-eating idiots.

  5. Betsy Ross Says:

    I’m tired.

  6. One Man's Opinion Says:

    Anything George W Bush signs his name to is a desecration. That is unless it’s a resignation. OK, I’m a dreamer.

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