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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Vamos to Court

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As reported yesterday, the Miami-Dade School Board finally got a clue. Sort of. What they got was “ACLU.” Or actually, papers from them. Hidden City was kind enough to provide a link to the filing itself. Take a look. It’s interesting.

First thing you notice is that there are two defendants. One is the school board, the other is Rudolph F. Crew, in his capacity as Superintendent of Schools. Poor Rudy! How did he get dragged into this? Think maybe his old pal Ralph Arza has some perspective on this? I place a call.

Ralph ain’t talkin,’ but I get a flak says her name is Lourdes, as in, “Praise the Lourdes.”

“They’re a bunch of spineless whiners,” she offers, tactfully. “The Board, the Super, it’s all of a single piece, two sides of a tin coin.”

Do go on, Lourdes, and maybe I’ll figure out what the hell you’re talking about.

“Think it through. Rudy-Doody gets all bent out of a shape just because Ralph calls him a ‘black piece of shit.’ Wants him to back off, say he’s sorry, give him what he wants out of the legislature. Completely tramples all over his First Amendment right of free expression to call use racist language.”

Hmm. Interesting take.

“So next they purge the libraries of books because one of them in the series of 20 got somebody upset. Again, this weak-kneed limp-wristed liberal crap about not having the right to offend minorities.”

So Ralph is okay with Vamos to Cuba? He stands with the student association and the ACLU on this issue?

“I didn’t say that. First of all, he hasn’t read the book for himself. Rep. Arza, like most elected officials, makes it a matter of policy not to read books.”

Understandably so. Last thing America needs is an educated governing body: the population would resent them as “elitist.”

“There’s a silver lining to this. Sure it makes Miami look bad nationally, and even internationally, but we’re used to that. And yeah, it gives more ammo to Anglos with chips on their shoulders about ‘those goddam Cubans’ ruining everything. On the plus side, it exposes Rudy and his Board for the frauds they are right at a time when he’s up for big promotion. No way can they raise his salary now! Ha ha!”

That’s good news?

“Hey, they already said they’re gonna retain outside counsel to fight this. That’s big bucks! And maybe we can offer some suggestions as to who they should hire. We’re always happy to help out with a favor or a reference when it comes to our friend Rudy, the schools, and the public welfare, you know. Hey, gotta go.”

Isn’t it reassuring to see how the system manages to continue functioning even in the teeth of adversity?

4 Responses to “Vamos to Court”

  1. Helen Highwater Says:

    Continuing your practice of making everybody look bad, I see.

  2. John Says:

    Put some butter on ya self baby cuz you’re on a roll!
    Let me let in you in on a secret- it’s not just Anglos that feel that way about a certain element of the Cuban exile community. I mean, I know quite a few Cubans who go around mocking, hooting, lambasting and at times (like these) shaking there heads in utter amazement… (I know you all assume I’m one of them.)

    It was an interesting how you exposed the clownishness of using the issue of freedom of speech and the untenable equation of calling Schools Superintendent Crew “a nigger” and “a black piece of shit”, and the freedom to keep a book around for kids w/o pornagraphy or profanity, hmmm.

    Of course we all understand the difference- that it is one thing for there to be political reprecussions and concerns when someone who decides budget issues makes overtly racist statements (about the person whose work his efforts largely fund).

    On the other hand no one hopefully wants to get rid of “Huckleberry Finn” for using the word “nigger” or “The House of Seven Gables” for Hawthornes’ mean spirited, gratuitous depiction of italians; or even say 100 films of the Western genre which as John Ford, Cowboy director extraordinaire admitted, are glorification of genocide and racist attitudes (as he continued to make a couple more)…

    I’m sorry. I framed that last issue wrong. Any and every book in the world should mention that America was a horrible pace where monsters lived until the late 1960’s. And then it should go on about Segregation, denial of voting rights, indemic Black poverty, water hoses and dogs, Cointelpro, the arrest of Black, Hispanic and White “radicals” on trumped up charges and false evidence, the FBI’s secret operation to assasinate AIM leadership and killing the even the children of Puerto Rican nationalists, and overthrowing governments, even poisoning crops to create starvation, carrying on the use of civilian bombing so viciously that the US Secretary of Defense even admitted that the government leadership was guilty of War Crimes…

    You know as I was writing some of the above, I wondered if it would have been appropriate for another nation to kill our leadership and overthrow the government… Of course it wouldn’t because nations cannot have “justice” or even “democracy” imposed on them by being invaded on arbitrary terms. They develop, for good or bad, within themselves. Now AIN’T that a CRAZY notion?

  3. Manola BBB Says:

    Ay dios mio! No Vamos A America either!

  4. The Miami Herald Editorial Board Says:

    What’s that John? There are Cubans who feel this way, too? That’s amazing! We thought every single Cuban who ever walked the face of the earth thought exactly the same as every other one! Guess we need to revisit our marketing plan, too.

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