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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Obituary: Reprise

Filed under: News from the Nation's Dicktip — Steve @ 8:51 pm

Ladies and Gentlemen: this blog was shut down two months ago. While your continued affection and attention is deeply appreciated, it is probably not worth your while to continue posting comments. There are any number of worthwhile general-interest south-Florida based blogs to peruse, including Critical Miami, South Florida Daily Blog, Obalesque, Miami and Beyond, Hidden City, Computer Colonics, Man or Maniac, and more. Some of these continue the spirit and material contained here.

I’d provide nore links, but I don’t want to clutter up those other blogs with incoming pingback messages.

Thank you for your attention, and Bon Voyage..

15 Responses to “Obituary: Reprise”

  1. alesh Says:

    Yeah, but those other blogs are LAME.

  2. Hugh Bris Says:

    Those other blogs ARE lame, Alesh. I look at them now and then, but don’t bother dropping comments like I did on this one which I still re-read because it’s so much better than anything else out there. Locally, anyway. Yours is too artsy-fartsy for my taste. Hidden City is too damn sensitive. Obalisk tries to sound like this one and fails miserably. Etc.

    Fuck you, Klotz. You’re a traitor, a sell-out, and a loser. Come back.

  3. Otto Moe Beal Says:

    Ditto Hugh. I thought I was the only one. Don’t know if it makes me feel better or scared that there’s somebody else with the same attitude.

  4. Warren Rabbit Says:

    Get a life. In fact, get two. They’re cheap. And small.

  5. mkh Says:

    Ha ha! Here I am cleaning up old links and what do I discover but someone dissing my site. What a hoot. But hey, thanks for visiting, Hugh!

  6. Steve Says:

    He’s still lurking out there, Kevin. I feel his presence like a bone spur in my foot on a 50 mile hike.

    You’re here right now, aren’t you Hugh?

  7. Hugh Bris Says:


  8. Hugh Bris Says:

    Yo Klotz. Anybody else dropping by lately?

  9. Steve Says:

    Just you, Hugh. Loser. But I edited the post and provided you with am obvious hint. I’m out.

  10. Hugh Bris Says:

    It’s been quiet around here but I see you haven’t taken it down which tells me you wish you were here, too, Klotz. I’ll send you an email to that effect. Yewasshole.

  11. huile d argan Says:

    Your blogs are something specials than others you mentioned.Please give some time to blogging for us.

  12. Hugh Bris Says:

    What happened to the comments?

  13. Hugh Bris Says:

    What’s with all the spam all of a sudden?

  14. Mister Admin Says:

    Yet another test. I often fail them.

  15. Stan Garde Says:

    Something I always wondered about this decrepit, abandoned blog. What’s the deal with the melting turtle in the graphic?

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