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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Hello I Must Be Going

Filed under: And They're Off — Steve @ 9:34 am

Appropriately ironic, isn’t it, that this blog’s getting knocked off-line for a few days prevented me from signing off?

Hello, I must be going,
I cannot stay, I came to say, I must be going.
I’m glad I came, but just the same I must be going…

(Groucho, of course, in Animal crackers)

It might be a mere hiatus, but I doubt it. If I resurface as a blogger, it will be under an entirely different name. Something clever and cutting, like “Anonymous.” Wait– has that been taken? Damn.

The situation is straightforward and uncomplicated. I’m changing jobs, and the new position is one that is sufficiently public and sensitive that my language, tone, and approach in this blog might well be deemed “inappropriate.” Yes, the “I” word. No, I have not been told to shut down, I’m doing it voluntarily out of respect for the new employer and my commitment to do the best job I can for them.

Also, I simply won’t have the time during the day to do the kind of research, rewriting, and updating I do to keep this blog afloat. At my former position, there were opportunities during the day to peek in and surf around, even while working. That won’t happen with the new position.

Oooh, Mama, can this really be the end?

I imagine I’ll still pop up in other bloggers’ comments section from time to time, and maybe, if I’m asked to submit something snarky for another blog, I’ll do that. That’s how I started, on Critical Miami (thanks, Alesh). But the time has arrived for this regular blog to put down like a rabid old dog. (It will stay on-line for a while in case anybody wants to re-read something they liked and remember.)

I encourage those who have provided comments over the years to find their way to other local blogs – see blogroll — where they can pester and bluster at will. Even you, Neil. Not sure about Fred Upp. And Rufus Leeking M.D. needs to be incarcerated.

This has been fun, and I’ll miss it. Thanks for all your attention and support.

P.S. Feel free to comment here or email me at SSKlotz@gemail.com for any reason.

37 Responses to “Hello I Must Be Going”

  1. alesh Says:

    Great. I fix Steve’s site and the first thing he does is to throw in the bucket.

    “gemail” I love it. Actually a clever anti-spam measure.

    My recommendation: just start an anonymous blog. Update it twice a week. BFD.

    Good luck at the new job.

  2. Scott Says:



    You better pull a Rick and resurface, Steve. Damnit.

  3. Carlos Miller Says:

    I doubt this is the last we hear from you.

    But good luck in your new job.

  4. CLJ Says:

    The blogosphere will be poorer for your absence; us ex-pat South Jerseyites have to stick together.

    Best of luck on the new job; I, too, have recently changed jobs, and I understand your position. I’ve ‘tweaked’ my blogging identity, but then my blog doesn’t bear my name in the banner.

    Best of luck, and if you need to post something somewhere, let me know. I gots room.

  5. Manuel A. Tellechea Says:


    Sadly it appears that keeping a blog is a luxury which people in “sensitive” jobs can ill-afford. And I thought there was freedom of speech in this country.

    Well, you are one casualty of political correctness that I will profoundly miss. Your natural sense of humor and offbeat (yet always logical) take on life’s quiddities is so rare as to be almost sui generis.

    You are doubtless destined for bigger if not better things.

    Good-luck and godspeed.

  6. Paula Says:

    Your unique take on things will be missed!

  7. mkh Says:

    I feel your pain, Steve. Best of luck to my fellow card-carrying member of the ACLU! Stop by and say hello any time!

  8. Ms Calabaza Says:

    damn, damn, damn! Good Luck Steve.

  9. R. Says:

    Well this sucks major co-jones. I suppose this is what happens when you work for “the man,” but till blogging pays the bills…

    *shakes fist at “the man”*

    Good luck Klutz.

  10. Living Will Says:

    I’ll keep an eye out for you on the walls of the Post Office.

  11. Kent Standit Says:

    Is it just a coincidence that the day the homeless sex offenders are evicted from their refuge under the bridge, Klotz closes down his blog? Wake up, people: he’s one of them! He had his plug pulled at last!

  12. FerfeLaBat Says:

    I am completely depressed now.

  13. Carlos Miller Says:


    You were one of the few local bloggers who supported me from the beginning after my arrest. I’ve always been grateful for that.

    Hope to see you around the blogosphere as a commenter.

  14. Alex Says:

    Good luck Steve. I’ll miss the laughs.

  15. Rick Says:

    I blame Alesh. [You know I couldn’t resist one last time.]

    Please stop in every now and then just to let us know you still have your great sense of humor.



  16. calm bobby Says:

    But Calm Bobby is here…

  17. calm bobby Says:


  18. Mr Schwinnckle Says:

    Lets rename this Blog to Why Dania Beach Failed…. There is enough to keep it going for as many years as Dania Beach has been around!

  19. Dave Says:

    Damn! This was my go-to blog for a daily laugh and thought provocation! I can see why you might not have the time for it with a new job and so I wish you all the best! Do try and do the anonymous blog if you can!

  20. Tanya Hyde Says:

    Insufficient reason, Steve. Now if you told us you were shutting down because you needed more time in the sun, that would be fine.

    See you at Tanorexics Anonymous.

  21. John McCain Says:

    Ha! You and Quit Romney!

  22. Manola Blablablanik Says:

    Oh come S, even not a little somethin’ somethin’ for Manola!!!

  23. Ms Calabaza Says:

    any chance you would reconsider and make it a weekly blog? Just so we can all get together where everybody knows our name . . .

  24. Steve Says:

    Ms C: Yes. That’s a possibility. For exactly the reason you say, as well as others’ comments here, which frankly, move me a whole lot more than I’m willing to admit (which I just did). I had no idea. I mean, I’m just a regular guy with a hole in his ass, y’know?

    Holy crap. I just don’t know what to do that would let this shit go on the way it has, which is what everybody wants (including me), without running the risk of embarrassing the new folks, and jeopardizing where I’m going. I need plausible deniability.

    I agonized about this for 2 weeks. I came to a conclusion. Now you (and others) are making me rethink it all. I’m heading out of town for the weekend. Give me another few days.

    And goddamit, I need to talk to Alesh. Did you see the site where his first comment sends me for a helpful suggestion? It’s fucking Arabic. Story of my life. God save the queen and all her merry men.

  25. Neil Says:

    Steve: You only need to ask yourself one question: What would Jesus do?

    PS Arabic? What are you talking about? Lord be praised: you’re speaking in tongues. It finally happened.

  26. guido Says:

    The only thing I’ve missed since you stopped traveling is your letter writing. The way you can transcribe your thoughts, wit, & sarcasm to the writen word is truly amazing, & amusing.
    But then you started this blog! Once again I got to enjoy your prose & then some. And by that I mean all those who respond to your “blitherings”.
    You have provoked many a debate among your readers that might not have happen otherwise. Though not everyone agrees with everyone else it does make for entertaining reading & cogitation. Like all of your other readers I hope you will reconsider blogging. But no matter your decision you will always be my fav!

  27. Mr Schwinnckle Says:

    Hey Neil, your going to Hell!!!

    Guido, you brown noser. I got your doggie, holding her for ransom while your up there in the cold!

  28. alesh Says:

    Arabic?! It has a big friendly “Sign up now” Button right at the top. It takes you to a page where you enter a name, an e-mail address, and you’ve got a blog going in seconds. Pre-teens all over the world are doing this by the score right now.

  29. Sad Says:

    This is my favorite blog. Please don’t stop writing.

  30. Manuel A. Tellechea Says:


    Ok. Start a new blog, identical to this one, but without your name plastered all over it. Do not, however, tamper with the formula you have perfected here or you will lose your bearings and become as irrelevant as other bloggers who have voluntarily emasculated themselves in order to preserve their jobs.

    I must tell you, however, that I have seen nothing in your posts that could pose an embarrassment to any future employer unless he has a distinct problem with freedom of speech. I say this although you know that we strongly disagree on some subjects. Nothing that you have ever written on those subjects here would I characterize as outside the sphere of civilized discourse. You are more prim and proper than you give yourself credit for. I hope I do not offend you.

  31. Ms Calabaza Says:

    Come back, come back . . . wherever you are! You make me smile every morning. I’m sure I’m not alone. I agree with the poster before me ~ don’t change!

  32. Steve Says:

    An anonymous blog is a distinct possibility — in fact, I’m working on assembling one now — but its launch will need to wait a while longer. And I sure won’t announce it here!

    But even so, as I noted in the post, I can’t keep up the pace I maintained while doing this one. Too many other blogs to keep abreast of, too much news, too many demands. Best I can promise is my own contributions will be the same.

    Manuel, as he often does, makes a valid point. I don’t think I do anything to embarrass an employer either. It’s the customer base I worry about: the business I’m in involves hypersensitive souls who often seize upon any excuse to not to participate. Even that observational remark might miff.

    I miss you guys, too.

  33. glennk Says:

    Good luck Cuz!! I’ll miss your great blog.

  34. Dayngr Says:

    I’ll miss you and your sense of humor. Keep me in the loop. =)

  35. 'Ista Says:

    I really was never going to put something up- it felt like an end, or an old friend moving away. Why write “sigh”?

    We write all that’s been on your mind for a particular audience, it’s cathartic and then we move on.

    In South Florida it just EXPLODES but it is also way too small- an incestuous little community. And there is no relief to yelling when you realize you’re in the mad house of So Fl craziness.

    Hopefully it will get fresh to you and me again along with a few other people whose words became part of my life. But I sure miss you.

    So I dedicate to those gone and those here I don’t get to read as much as I used to http://youtube.com/watch?v=NY-oQEy1KFU

  36. bocagesman Says:

    21 July 2015
    Fell upon yr blog first time today…absolutely loved it , your humour, your wit and friendliness..I shall read on so thanks …How’s the job since 2008 ? Jeremy France.

  37. Stan Garde Says:

    bocagesman — He’s long gone and never comments or posts on this blog anymore. Somebody, maybe him, comes in once in a while and cleans out the spam. But he’s been blogging under a pseudonym for a few years. If you check out the very last post here, he names it. It’s not as good as this one was, something I tell him often.

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