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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Electile Dysfunction

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….that’s when you can’t sufficiently excited about any candidate or issue to get off a vote. (Thanks, MRBart!).

Here in Hollywood’s District 1, newcomer Patti Asseff prevailed not only over the long-time incumbent Cathy Anderson, but also Luis Prado, whose big financial gripe consisted of the police motorcycle corps. That bozoic figure actually gathered found 207 votes, which he attributed to “favorable publicity on teh internets.” Glad to be of service, Luis.

In other news — from the print edition of the Miami Hurled; I couldn’t find the chart on-line which appeared below this article — Republican exit polls revealed that among white voters, McCain drew 33%, Mittney 34, Rudytoot 14, and Huckleberry 15. Among black voters, this statement appears: “There were not enough black voters in the Republican primary to estimate state results.” Think ‘Pubs should count heavily on swinging Black votes this fall?

Also in the print edition only (p 3A) — the story about Detroit’s latest scandal involving a the mayor perjuring himself regarding his (alleged) illicit sexual conduct (‘ho hum) appears under the sub-headline “Illinois.” Evidently the city changed states over night.

We’ll return to reality later today.

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