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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

It’s Only Words

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Always happy to encounter stories like this one…..

Miami blog postings spark $25 million lawsuit

A Miami real estate agent lost his job Monday after postings on his blog sparked a $25 million defamation lawsuit by developer Tibor Hollo. — Miami Hurled

Evidently this litigation had nothing to do with his looks, either.

5 Responses to “It’s Only Words”

  1. Dracula's Daughter Says:

    He’s so CUTE! I hope he wins every penny.

  2. Ms Calabaza Says:

    I think I might have dated him . . . or not.

  3. Satan Says:

    Can’t say for sure if you dated him, Ms. C….but I’m pretty sure I fathered him.

  4. Tibor "Satan's" Hollo Says:

    I’m slapping all of you with lawsuits for talking smack.

  5. Manuel A. Tellechea Says:

    hollo in Spanish means “I stepped over”

    tibor means chamber pot

    Hence tibor hollo means:

    “I stepped over the chamber pot.”

    Which is certainly better than stepping into it.

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