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Monday, January 14, 2008

Looking for the Man Who Shot His Paw

Filed under: Across the Fruited Plain — Steve @ 9:28 am

Cases like this speak directly to the mental stability of evangelicals, fundamentalists, and other Christian fanatics, and make me wonder why so many Americans find even radical Muslims so “foreign.”

Hayden, IO A man who believed he bore the “mark of the beast” amputated one of his hands, put it in a microwave and summoned authorities, Kootenai County sheriff’s deputies say.

The man, in his mid-20s, was calm when deputies arrived at his home in this north Idaho town Saturday afternoon, and neither he nor the severed hand bore any noticeable tattoo or other mark, [reported] sheriff’s Capt. Ben Wolfinger.

The New Testament Book of Revelation contains a passage in which an angel is quoted as saying…”If anyone worships the beast and his image and receives his mark on the forehead or on the hand, he, too, will drink the wine of God’s fury.” — Seattle Times

Sure hope it wasn’t his shooting hand. Be a shame if a nice fellow like this found himself unable to operate a firearm, especially living out there in his own private Idaho. And what’s the deal with stashing the meat in the microwave? Aren’t you supposed to freeze freshly butchered parts if you’re not gonna eat them right away?

large-hand.jpgAs for “the wine of God’s fury,” that sounds like vintage Hannibal Lechter.

If I were even remotely religious, I’d find this (and the myriad of less radical but similar instances that go on daily) genuinely distressing. Even though I’m not riding the same camel, I’d be in the same caravan, and that reflects poorly. What surprises me, too, is that religious leaders never seem to condemn these activities the way these same folks demand “moderate Muslims” to “disassociate themselves” from the acts of terror perpetuated by radicals in their own religious camp.

Why doesn’t the Rev Gov Mike Huckabee, presidential candidate, condemn this fanatical self-mutilation, express sorrow for the deluded victim, and assure the world that his own brand of Christian evangelism doesn’t approve such practices? As a citizen, I distrust religious leaders with political power — the line that separates this armed clown (well, 1-armed clown, now) from Huckabee, Pat Robertson, Joe Lieberman, Jerry Falwell, etc., is ‘way too narrow. And they do quite little to impress me otherwise.

49 Responses to “Looking for the Man Who Shot His Paw”

  1. Warren Rabbit Says:

    Is that a photo of his hand? No wonder he cut it off.

  2. Neil Says:

    Evangelicals are selfless souls in the service of the Lord. There is no need for them to address the conduct of obviously disturbed individuals such as the one in this terrible account except to offer sympathy, as would any decent human being. Linking them and mocking him the way you do just means you’re going to hell.

  3. Mister E Says:

    You’re a damn fool Neil. In fact you’re two damn fools. You’re a damn fool because you believe in such supernatural nonsense, and you’re a damn fool because you don’t see how dangerous this crap is and how much damage you cause spreading it around like HIV.

    If hell is where I go to avoid the likes of you and your bible-beating buddies, book my ticket.

  4. Ms Calabaza Says:

    Hmmm . . . is that like the right hand knowing what the left hand is doin’?

  5. Lu Senz Says:

    I’m surprised you didn’t title this one “hand job.” Or, in honor of football season, “hand off.”

  6. FerfeLaBat Says:

    I like Neil. I’m going to mock the handless man anyway. Not because he cut off his hand believing that was sufficient to remove the dark mark, but because he cooked it in the microwave. Everyone knows the microwave makes meat too tough to eat. There’s not enough ketsup in the world now to make that hand palatable.

  7. glennk Says:

    Not what u would call a handsome guy is he?

  8. Anonymous Says:

    All religious fanatics are ignorant wingnuts, be it mormon, christian, jewish, muslim or whatever.
    You should all stand in line and have this big handed
    fool slap the crap out of your dumb asses.
    Thank GOD for atheists.

  9. Funnyasshit Says:

    I would have cut my hand off too if it looked like that.

  10. Hugh Bris Says:

    Why not just slice your throat, Funny Ass Hit? Then we’d all laugh.

  11. isaa Says:

    hi, i’m sorry. my english is’nt verry good. I’m a dutch jong girl :P. Is this a hand?? I thougt it was a belly whit two leggs.. stupid from me 😛 so… bye bye

  12. Jenny Says:

    People!!!! Common… is so stupid to consider that religion has something to do with criminals, crazy people and suicide… Christian religion educate people to follow their hearts to love God and cosider all humanity a family , and to love all humanity. The love has nothing to do with the crime and suicide and crazy minds. Love means balance, peace, understanding, beauty and nature
    Hope you can see the truth!!!! Happy New Year !!!

  13. Anonymous Says:

    Jenny: that’s half the story. Terrible crimes against humanity have been committed by Christians practicing their religion. Start with the Inquisition, and come to today with pedophilia.

  14. Test Icles Says:

    Hugh Bris, You my son are obviously a tard, a retard as a matter of fact. the name was/is Funny As Shit. Not Funny ASS Hit. that would not make sence. So, Hugh how do you like those apples?

  15. Hugh Bris Says:

    I can read, Testes. And I while I like apples, I don’t care much for seeds like yourself. Go away.

  16. a Says:

    Why Bother?

  17. a Says:

    Do you feel pity? No, most of you say he is crazy, no? I think he is just a seriously misunderstood man. He must have felt extremely upset and confused to cut off his hand. He probably doesn’t want to be number one news and if the reason he cut off his hand was to be, he is very sick and we should stop talking of him either way.

  18. a Says:

    And some of your language is appauling!

  19. real4rever Says:

    is it really like that? no photo editing? 50/50 tell me on my ym real4rever@yahoo.com

  20. real4rever Says:

    waa… its true..! i google it and found aother pics.

  21. Destiny Says:

    Okay, this goes to the picture as much as to anyone who’s knocking on Neil.

    Lay off. Obviously, the guy believed wholly in his chosen religion. His only mistake – well, maybe problem – was taking it WAY too seriously.

    As a pagan – and more importantly, as a PERSON – I find it wrong that anyone knock someone else for what they say or do. It may be my opinion that evangelicles are not perfect, but that does not give me the right to yell at someone over them. OR call them a ‘damned fool’ for believing in Christianity.

    Not so long ago, I was a little Methodist girl myself.

    And the idea of Christianity and organized religion, giving the masses something to hope for, is a beautiful concept.

    Frankly, I don’t know why this should be on a site where people can comment. If you have a thought that might be hurtful to someone else, keep it to yourself. If you have a thought that’s too stupid for words, let it go.

    I believe in live and let live, and that includes NOT ragging on people for being devout in their religion, whether it agrees with mine or not. Doing otherwise is shameful.

    And honestly, Mr. E, how dare you? Most Christians I have met are wonderful people. Just because there are some bad eggs – which there are in EVERY religion and walk of life, by the way – does not give you the right to say that they are wrong for believing the way they do.

    You, especially should be ashamed of yourself. Who are you to condemn and judge? This was not meant as a personal attack, but that’s what it has become because of the stupidity and uncalled-for harshness of your comment. That does not mean I think of YOU as such, just that your comment is disgraceful.

    And by the way, to all the others who are making fun of that man, and Neil, that goes to you people, too. And no, I’m not being some hypocritical, self-righteous duche. I thought pretty much the same thing; what are you doing you moron? Not because he cut off his hand because he thought it was related in some way to the Devil, but because HE CUT OFF HIS HAND AND PUT IT IN THE MICROWAVE.

    But don’t you think the guy already gets enough grief? And Neil, too. Bible-thumpers get about as much flack as us pagans, so I can kind of commiserate.

    For most of you, your comments make me sick. I may think it ridiculous that a person would cut off his hand for any reason, but that does not give me the right to knock the religion he did it in name of. Nor does it give any of YOU that right.

    The man was messed up in the head, more than likely. You have to be to take religion that seriously.

    So next time you choose to mock good people, religion, and the mentally unbalanced, shut your mouths and keep such hurtful thoughts to yourselves.

  22. Hugh Bris Says:

    You can believe whatever you please, Destiny, and so can this hands-free idiot. That’s not the point. The point is, WHAT he believes is moronic, not that he believes it.

    Morons deserve to be picked on, lest the rest of the world be fooled into believing as well.

    Now go hop off and eat a toad. There’s a good girl.

  23. Destiny Says:

    Okay, Hugh Bris, WHAT is the point of the toad reference? That’s just too idiotic for me to consider an insult, by the way.

    And YOU may not agree with Christianity – I certainly don’t follow it – but to those who do, it IS NOT moronic. You and everyone else on this website needs to learn to respect that people have differing opinions on what is ‘moronic’ and what is sensible.

    And really? What in hell does eating a toad have to do with Paganism? If you wanted to insult me, or the religion more appropriately, you might have said ‘go TURN INTO a toad,’ genius.

  24. Hugh Bris Says:

    Duh-estiny — of course people who believe in Chrustianity don’t believe it’s moronic. That doesn’t mean that Chrustianity isn’t moronic, it means the believers are morons. People who believe the world is flat don’t think that’s moronic either. They’re wrong. They’re moronic.

    I can’t speak for anybody else on this website (whose shit-eating administrator abandoned it, by the way, and posts elsewhere), but I can assure you I know the differenfe between respecting people’s opinions and disagreeing with what those opinions are. I just happen to believe thjat opinions are like assholes — everybody’s got one, and most of them stink.

    Like toads.

  25. Destiny Says:

    Yeah, you might want to work on your insult ability, there. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten WORLDS worse from KINDERGARTENERS.

    But I’ve got no time for a word battle. Really, this has gone on longer than it ought to already. I have more important things to do with my time.

    And it ISN’T moronic to want something to hope for. In its true form, that’s what Christianity is. The followers need something to hold on to to get them through dark times, because that times will get better on their own isn’t enough. That’s sad, not moronic.

    People shouldn’t need something to hold onto that will pull them through, we should only need ourselves, but sadly, as a species, we’re not strong enough for that. And you clearly don’t seem to understand that.

    And I think using my name as an insult is the most pathetic attempt at an insult I’ve ever heard. I mean really. You can’t think of something better? I know you don’t know me and have nothing to go on, but at least you could have tried.

    Too late for that now, however, because I am tired of this. Do not bother responding as I am not coming back to a site that makes me so sick of being human that my hands shake.

    Goodbye, all. And don’t worry, I’m not mad at all of you, just the morons and mean people.

    Loves to the rest!

  26. Hugh Bris Says:

    Bye-bye Destiny, and thanks for your childlike insight into the nature of the human species. All of us appreciate the unique perspective of a toad.

  27. russell Says:

    the photo has nothing to do with this story,

    so much for integrity


  28. Little Wolf Says:

    Oh goodness, please, why can’t everyone just get along? 🙁

    No mater what or who you are dosn’t mean you don’t have to be friendly to people who are different.

    Treat others how you want to be treated. 🙂

  29. Hugh Bris Says:

    Well, craptastic. First we hear from a toad, and now a little wolf. Can’t wait for the gnomes and gnats.

  30. Man Of Science Says:

    Being a Mechanical Engineer who designed piping systems on nuclear subs, and knowing humans have 60,000 miles of blood vessels (pipes) prevent me from being an atheist and that humans are the result of chance and not intelligent design.

  31. Hugh Bris Says:

    Oh, go away Man of Science. That silly argument is no better now than it was when medieval priests said the same thing about the “divine” design of the earth in the center of the universe. It’s a lame argument by inference that fails to address very obvious counter-arguments, starting with, Who designed the Designer? Grow up.

  32. Tony Says:

    So… I went searching for reference hand for a painting and I saw the pic of the guys hand and followed the site. I read the article and then the responses and even though I doubt that anybody will read this I want to post.

    I thought that the guy cutting off his hand was over the top, but I’m sure if one sincerely believed u would be racked with eternal torment and that removing your hand would save him he would do it. I’m sure it was just out of fear that he put it in the microwave and not out of hunger.

    I don’t think it is fair to judge a magority based on an individual or minority. You could say many terrible things if that were true. For instance, athiest must be heartless bundles of crap that don’t care about the feelings and intents of others. That is the vibe I got from this article. But I have a friend who is athiest and she is kind and respectful. You could say all Americans believe in God based on the same principals of judgement, and we all know that isn’t true. So try not to compair an entire group if people based on the actions of an individual.

    Don’t rack on another person for what they believe in no matter how stupid or I’ll informed they may be. We all have a right to wonder how we got here and where we are going.

  33. Hugh Bris Says:

    Tony: Everybody can (and does) believe whatever they damn please, no matter how stupid. And everybody can else can “rack” on them all they want. Don’t tell me what to believe, and don’t tell me not to pis on others’ beliefs if I want to.

    Which wasn’t the point of this old post, by the way, as I understand it. Too bad the asshole blogger isn’t around any more to tell you himself.

    (Actually, Klotz, you are around, because you come in and clean up the spam now and then.)

  34. A christian Says:

    OK Hugh Bris
    I am deeply offended by your comments and most other comments on this forum. I WOULD LOVE to know, what would you do if we were in a bar, and we met up. Would you go on the same insulting spew of garbage? no you would not. your not that stupid. The only reason your spewing out so many insults is you feel their is no repercussions.

    This is what I can say about humanity:
    Humanity is a bunch of rapists murderers and pedophiles

    This is why:
    Because I hear about it on the news a lot.

    If you reach into the deep dark skull of yours you may find that the reason you think what you think about Christians, is that you hear about it on the news a lot when Christians mess up, but most people assume that everyone knows about how good Christians generally are.

    If a pedophile happens to be christian its suddenly a generalization of all Christians because that’s what non-Christians are hearing about.

    If a pedophile happens to be atheist… Hes a pedophile, nothing more.

    people do bad things in all walks of life, and you are a great example of a bad atheist.

    BTW thank you destiny, you just made my life a little brighter.

  35. Anomynouse Says:

    Well said

  36. Hugh Bris Says:

    a christian:

    I know it’s futile to reason with prayer harpies like yourself, but let me make a few points that I doubt you’ll understand:

    1. There are bad people everywhere. Some are Christians, others are not. There are bad atheists, too.

    2. What I believe about Christianity — which is entirely different from what I believe about individuals who are Christian — is that it’s a pack of fables, and that many people throughout history have used it to very bad ends. Like genocide, murder, totalitarianism, etc. Others have used it to very good ends.

    3. If you met me in a bar and asked me what I think, I’d tell you exactly what I wrote here because I don’t give a rat’s ass about “repercussions.”

    4. Next time you put a comment on somebody’s blog, spell check it. You make yourself look even more ignorant than I can tell you are.

    Happy New Year!

  37. Cael Says:

    If someone chops off their hand because of a religious delusion, the appropriate response is most emphatically NOT to “condemn” him in the same way that terrorists should be condemned. The man has only harmed himself and needs help, not condemnation.

    You could “condemn” the activity but it would be pointless and strange. To treat self-harm as equivalent to terrorism or other acts of harming others is a very odd line of argument to take. It’s ridiculous to demand that Christian leaders should treat the two as as equivalent.

  38. Stac Says:

    All I can say about this man is that he must’ve been very afraid for him to do something so drastic. People will do some incredible things because of fear. I’m sure there are some out there who believe tattoos are the mark of the beast, so this doesn’t surprise me very much. I hope he learns to live a fulfilling and happy life without his hand.

    TONY- how ironic, that’s exactly the same way I got here! I love a good debate, too, so I guess I’m lucky for finding that. 🙂

    Sadly, the discussion is ruined when someone resorts to petty insults and name-calling, though I have to admit “toad” isn’t one I could have come up with. That’s a little ridiculous, actually…

    And A CHRISTIAN- you’ve made MY day a little brighter. Usually when a Pagan posts something she gets hammered for it; with insults, quotes from the Bible, and threats of damnation. I LOVE to see such an shining example of acceptance and insight. I agree with both you and Destiny on one thing- Christians are stereotyped almost as badly, and way more often, than any other group in America. It’s just not as obvious, for some reason, but it’s just as much of a travesty as any other stereotype would be.

    I wish everyone a Happy (late) Valentine’s Day, and merry part!

  39. Hugh Bris Says:

    Stac: You think Christians are stereotyped in America more than Muslims? Or Jews? Or atheists? Really? I imagine you don’t get out much.

    It’s really fashionable these days for everybody to want to be thought of as a victim, even when they’re in the majority and/or have all the money and power. Now I hear the head of JP Morgan whining about the way bankers have become the bad guys, just because their greed and mismanagement caused the whole world to crash. Gimme a break.

    Happy VD to you, too.

  40. R.A. Says:

    Atheists are zealots the same as any other religious group. Yes, Atheists have a faith that there is nothing beyond what they see, however they fail to see several things:

    1) attempting to mock a group of people into believing what they believe will not be successful.
    2) You can’t argue faith with logic.
    3) If you’re going to stand on the alter of science and logic then you have to admit that there is irrevocable proof that God does not exist. Thus, the logical answer would be agnosticism. Admission of human limitations in understanding and that without proof; not correlations, not speculations, you simply cannot know.

    The atheist hubris is as annoying and unfounded as any other group.

  41. Stan Garde Says:

    R.A.: Here’s a response to your comments from one atheist of long standing:

    1. I quite agree. In my own experience, though, I don’t find atheists acting this way; most of us are perfectly content to mind our business while others mind theirs. The only time atheists become upset is when theists and religionists attempt to force their beliefs on us.

    2. 100% correct. But see below.

    3. Incorrect. If something cannot be proved true, it is not true, not unknown. Agnosticism is not a logical position, and human limitation of knowledge doesn’t apply here anyway — we’re speaking of logical concepts, not empirical data.

    This will not convince you (see #2, above) but I can tell you that I, and many others, once believed in a god and were convinced by a combination of logic and real-life experiences otherwise. It is possible to change one’s thinking; in fact, that’s what makes us human.

  42. Hugh Bris Says:

    That’s fine, Onlooker. For my part, I don’t oppose anybody or their religious beliefs until they become personally oppressive. I’ve said over and over in this thread that as far as I’m concerned, anybody can believe whatver they want, no matter how ignorant or stupid others (lime myself) think it is. I’d like Christians and toad-worshippers to have the same respect, but too often they don’t.

  43. Dandruff Says:

    Interesting read. I like your style hugh bris 🙂

  44. Kent Ryan Says:

    I truly agree with Stan Garde.. Very well said.. I would like to qoute this “The only time atheists become upset is when theists and religionists attempt to force their beliefs on us”..

    I do respect every respect religion, but please do respect the Atheists.. Most of the believers tend to say that they are sinners and so on and so fort..
    I myself Believe in GOD, but I do not follow any religious doctrines or lets just say “I don’t have a religion”..

    But I read Bible and in fact I undergone Bible study for about 4 years I think.. But I end up having without any religion..

    Great post.. to the owner.

  45. YourX Says:

    yo whats wrong with Christian like really i’m roman catholic (that doesn’t mean i’m roman for those little retards out there) well actually i think the england catholic are crazy but other than that were great people we don’t need God, we love him, we pray to him not for worshiping u crazy bastards buy we pray for thanking him or asking for forgiveness and praying to help people. i use to be very racist against Mexicans and Jews very racist against Jews. but i learned more about Jesus and now i’m trying not to be racist. ask me a question about my religion and i’ll give u an answer.

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  46. On-looker Says:

    Bris –
    I liked the way you put that — you don’t opposes religious views if you don’t consider them oppressive. However. You say it would be nice for all religions to have the same respect for all, yet it seems that you have posted things showing a complete disrespect of those you deem unworthy… It comes across as aggressive and inflammatory.

  47. Hugh Bris Says:

    On-looker: You’re right: I am aggressive, and I say inflammatory things. Go ahead and say back at me. I only get like this when I’m put upon or condescended to like Toad-Girl up there in the thread, and sanctimonious imbeciles who can’t distinguish between what they believe and what is the truth. As I said, you can believe whatever you want, but it might now have anything to do with what’s true or real. There are people out there who passionately believe the world is flat. They’re wrong.

    I never start the argument, by the way. But I never back down, either.

  48. Peace Makerz Says:

    Why are you all hurting one another? Do you know that you are all brothers and sisters? Why do you all like to argue and fight on things like these?

    “LOVE your neighbor as you love yourself”- if we do this we’ll all live in HARMONY….

    Peace to yah all 🙂

  49. Stan Garde Says:

    Peace Makerz: Evidently you don’t know very much about the way siblings get on, do you.

    The message about loving everybody is gross, impractical, and pretentious. I love very few people myself, but over the years I’ve figured out that _respect_ for others goes a long way.

    Try a little of that and see what it does for you.

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