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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Squeezing the Charmin

Filed under: Across the Fruited Plain — Steve @ 12:35 am

The rabid hunger for change, it turns out, has made the very idea of experience as toxic as every other attribute of the Bush White House. The once-heralded notion of a C.E.O. presidency, overstocked with “tested” Washington and Fortune 500 executives like Cheney and Rumsfeld, is now in the toilet with Larry Craig. — Frank Rich, NY Times

5 Responses to “Squeezing the Charmin”

  1. Miami Harold Says:

    As for former first lady Hillary Clinton:
    Her front row seats at the theater for 8 years
    do not qualify her as an actor.

  2. Dave Says:

    Rich forgot to mention Robert McNamara, former President of Ford, and his handling of the Vietnam War under Kennedy and Johnson. Being a sharp pencil guy in Corporate America doesn’t begin to qualify you for public service or moral leadership. In fact, I view it as an obvious handicap. I would have thought we had learned that lesson 40 years ago!

  3. Stan Garde Says:

    It’s all a crap shoot. Experience counts for a lot, but without judgment and integrity, it’s something that makes one even MORE dangerous. But without it, a leader will have a tough time navigating the system. Screwed both ways. Welcome to your government.

  4. We're So Right Says:

    Dave: Only lesson we learned 40 years ago is that the Democrats are the party of defeat. They cave in. To this day MacNamara is running around the world apologizing to anybody who will listen. That does a whole lot for America’s status as a strong leader and enforcer of peace and security.

  5. Bang Bang Lulu Says:

    Were So Right: If “defeat” means “getting our asses out of wars we had no business getting into,” call me a Defeatocrat every time.

    As for MacNamara, he’s a coward and a fraud using the whole world to ease his own sick guilt.

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