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Friday, December 21, 2007

Acknowledgments Greatly Accepted

Filed under: Across the Fruited Plain — Steve @ 12:01 pm

Dear Democrats: For those of you who for 7 years have been blaming Ralph Nader, the Green Party, and me personally for making possible Monkey Boy’s presidency, I offer this observation from David Broder:

And then to top it off came Sen. Joe Lieberman, Al Gore’s Democratic running mate for vice president in 2000, now newly minted as McCain’s endorser. And Al From, the head of the Democratic Leadership Council and longtime defender of all things Lieberman, said he was “very saddened” that his man would endorse a — gulp — Republican. That’s like Roy Rogers saying he was “saddened” to discover that Trigger was a mule. — sacbee.com

Jowels Lieberman is garbage, dumped by his own party, and pretty well reviled for excellent reasons you may discover for yourselves. Gore made me gag, but Lieberman just wouldn’t stay down. My only point in bringing this up is that if you’re gonna blame us for defeating Ozone Gore in 2000, you should thank us for keeping Lieberman off the White House furniture, too.

12 Responses to “Acknowledgments Greatly Accepted”

  1. Like I'd Tell You Says:

    Why do you hate America?

  2. alesh Says:

    Yes.. i can see how the idea of a moderate democrat would make you reds flip out.

  3. Steve Says:

    Greens. Not reds.

    Calling Lieberman a moderate is like calling Trigger a mule. Didn’t you read the Broder quote? (Of course you didn’t.)

    I hate America for the same reason I hate months with the letter “r” in them. Oh, and left-handed puppies.

  4. glennk Says:

    Nader gave us Emperor BV$H its simple math. If he hadn’t run Gore would have carried Fla. easily and the election. Nader can rot in hell where he belongs. I hear that he’s now writing a book on child rearing another subject he knows nothing about having never had kids or married. I met the man once on the 1st Earth Day. He was speaking at an Earth Day rally at the College I was attending. I thought he was ablow hard then and nothing has changed.

  5. Alex Says:

    Believe it or not Glenn, Nader’s book is already written and published. I saw it the other day.

    Steve: Off all places where Lieberman has done damage, the VP office would have been the most insignificant one. Cut your nose to spite your face.

  6. Steve Says:

    Yes, perhaps I’m over-reacting. Lieberman as Vice probably would have been as harmless as Cheney, right? No big deal.

    Blaming Nader for Gore’s poor campaign management and lack of inspiration is just another case of Dems ducking responsibility for their own incompetence.

    Meanwhile, remember when Nader used to be a Dem favorite? He was the anti-corporate, pro-consumer crusader speaking up for the little guy, remember? Like Dems themselves used to be? But when you Dems went corporate (Clinton, Algore, Lieberman, Kerry, Edwards), all of a sudden he’s the enemy.

    FWIW, unless the ‘Pubs run Ron Paul, which won’t ever happen, next time I’ll vote against them, even if the Dems do something abominable like nominate Shrillary or the Breck girl.

    What the hell. It’s only politics. War, disease, global destruction, fluoride in the water. Nothing major.

  7. Dave Says:

    Democracy is not defined by a 2 party system. Steve has the right to vote for whoever he wants as do all of us! Those arguments that someone who votes for a third party candidate is a “traitor” is why we have two indistinguishably incompetent parties and their buffons running this country! If people actually were willing to break the 2 party mold and vote for men and women of conscience,irrespective of party affiliation we might actually get good governance!

  8. Alex Says:

    You could also say that Lieberman as VP would have been as effective as Gore as VP. Which is to say, not very.

    He’s not the enemy unless he’s spoiling elections. I thought that was clear on our last exchange.

    Ron Paul: I wish, I wish, oh how I wish. Another Perot.

  9. Steve Says:

    AAlex: It’s that “heartbeat away” part that scares me. Leiberman as President would be like having a kosher Jerry Falwell in the White House.

    As for Nader, I guess it boils down to how for-granted the Dems take their base. They ran into trouble some years ago when Black leaders got tired of hearing how no matter how lukewarm to their agenda Dems were, they were beter than ‘Pubs. Which is true, but not enough. So Jesse Jackson hopped in. Did he have a chance? Hardly. But it got things done behind the scenes.

    Nader serves the same sort of function. The Dems were growing more and more corporate and conservative. Clinton, Carter, the DLC middle-roaders. Liberman was so far off to the right….and now look at him.

    What’s depressing is the Dems really haven’t learned a whole lot. The conservatives in the country won the war. A pity they’re not really conservative. And that’s another horror story.

  10. glennk Says:

    Ron Paul is a fraud. He’s just another flavor of the same wing nuttery that brought us Emperor BV$H and his Corpirates. With Ron Paul’s version you end up with the Grover Norquist world of Corpirate Feudalism complete with a new aristocracy with private militas. Paul’s Libertarism doesn’t extend to us having control of our bodies either. He doesn’t seem to believe in Privacy beyond your “letters.” Everything else is fair game. I don’t like or trust Libertarians of the right, their nothing more then nutty anarchists.

  11. glennk Says:

    NADIR means the LOW pt. and Ralphie certainly brought us the LOW pt. on Dec 12, 2000 and its been down ever since. Thanks Ralph!

  12. bubba Says:

    Ron Paul is a nut.The fool wants to get rid of the income tax,get out of the entire Middle East and dump the FED.What a crazy man.
    On those three issues alone he is worth my vote.He may be a nut,but the rest of the candidates are self serving hippos
    Freeeze eygor,freeeze

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