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Monday, December 17, 2007

Racheting Down

Filed under: Across the Fruited Plain — Steve @ 6:56 am

Despite what it seems like, it’s still relatively early in election season. So there’s plenty of time for stupider remarks than Romney’s, although to date, I think he wins the prize:

Romney endorsed the interrogation practices employed against suspected terrorists, specifically singling out Khalid Sheik Mohammed, the suspected mastermind of the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks. U.S. officials have acknowledged that he has been the subject of harsh interrogationjackass.jpg techniques.

“When he was captured he said, ‘I’ll see you in New York with my lawyer.'” Romney said. “Can you imagine? I’m sure he was thinking an ACLU lawyer would be provided at government expense.” — Miami Hurled

“An ACLU lawyer provided at government expense.” There you have it, friends. Presidential material.

15 Responses to “Racheting Down”

  1. Dave Says:

    The Ol’ Mitt doesn’t know the diffrence between the ACLU and Legal Aid. Pretty pathetic eh?

  2. We're So Right Says:

    Only difference between Legal Aid and the ACLU is one’s taking our tax money indirectly by masquerading as a charity, and the other takes it directly as a government agency. They’re both basically communism forced on us by liberals. Romney finally said something smart.

  3. mkh Says:

    Because remember, folks, if you are poor you are guilty of being less than human. That’s why conservatives like thee commenter above want to reserve the legal profession for the exclusive use of the white and wealthy. To paraphrase Mr. Newman, “Poor people got no reason to live.”

    There’s no point in addressing the blatant disregard for the facts regarding the ACLU. First, people who bash the ACLU are usually looking for a boogeyman to replace the communists of the2ir sad youth, and second, Steve always does such a good job excoriating these simpletons that I would rather sit back and watch a master at work.

  4. Stan Garde Says:

    We’re So Right: You mean those ACLU lawyers defending Nazis are actually commies? Wow! No wonder you figure Romney said something smart! He sniffed out a worldwide conspiracy!

  5. Steve Says:

    What is it about the ACLU that unhinges rightwingnuts? Is it just impossible for these cretins to grasp that the ACLU doesn’t pursue either a liberal or a conservative agenda, but only exists to protect first amendment rights common to everybody? Even terrorists and anonymous ignorant hate-filled rednecks?

    No, there’s no arguing with these folks. The idea that laws exist to protect the people from the system is ‘way too radical and disorienting for them. After all, it’s a fundamental American principle, and these bozoic hinds wouldn’t recognize an American if they were sitting on Abe Lincoln’s lap.

  6. We're So Right Says:

    Fancy talk. Boils down to the difference between people like me who want to build a strong America, and people like you who want to destroy it. You, liberals, the ACLU, Islamofascists, your all working toward the same goal when you all realize it or not, let alone admit it.

    Terrorists give up their rights when they throw the first bomb. I’ll be happy to torture them dead myself to make my country safe. That’s my gift to you and your fellow anti-Americans.

  7. Dave Says:

    We’re So Right, what you fail to realize is that our constitution guarantees legal representation to everyone. It’s not some left wing or right wing gonzo program to help the left or the right. The day someone steps on your rights and you need and can’t afford legal representation, I would suspect you will be wistling a different tune! Legal representation does not guarantee that any terrorist gets away with it. It just guarantees that if by chance he is NOT a terrorist he has a chance to prove it.

  8. Steve Says:

    Damn! We’re So Right saw right through our worldwide conspiracy. Fortunately he didn’t reveal the involvement of the foot soldiers — Blacks, gays, immigrants, union members, farm workers — or the rich underwriters (Jews, of course). Well, it doesn’t matter. When our cult of America-haters bring the country to its knees, he’ll be groveling for mercy like the rest of them. Bwah-ha-ha-ha!

  9. mkh Says:

    You know what you pathetic right-wing weasels never understand? America isn’t a bunch of buildings, or cities, or even people. It is a set of beliefs and principles, the radical thoughts that we’re all equals, that everyone deserves a chance to live freely, and that not even our leaders — *particularly* not our leaders — are above the law. You can’t bomb a set of beliefs into submission; destroying America has to be an inside job, and you and your ilk are the terrorists taking us down.

  10. O.W. Says:

    Go ahead and pile on and call us names. It doesn’t change the truth of what We’re So Right says. When any 2-bit punk or raghead terrorist knows that no matter what he does he gets himself a free bleeding heart lawyer, it’s one more reason for him to go ahead and do something illegal or worse.

    You damn high-minded liberals are nothing more than enablers. If instead you make things a little tougher, you’d be surprised how it weeds out the worst parts of society.

  11. mkh Says:

    That’s what we’re doing right here, O.W. — making it little tougher for you to get away with your shit, and thereby weed you traitors right out of America.

  12. Hugh Bris Says:

    O.W.: In your wildest fantasies, do you actually believe that would-be criminals and terrorists count on a free lawyer to get them off, so they’re encouraged to go ahead and do what they do? Is that how you think the criminal mind actually works? Put down the Kool-Aid and think this through.

  13. Alex Says:

    The part always get me about the WSRs and OWs is that they are always so though… online. Listen to him; “I’ll torture them dead myself”. Guys, nobody is keeping you from boarding a plane and going to Iraq, Syria or freakin’ Afghanistan. Guns are abundant and cheap on street bazaars over there. Create your own militia and go scour the mountains from Bin Laden. Now, THAT would be a gift.

  14. Ray Ed Gneck Says:

    I can’t speak for the others, Alex, but I’m tough enough in my own neck of the woods comes to illegal immigrants and other law breakers. Trust me. Haven’t found terrorists yet here in Gainesville and surrounds, but a whole bunch of us keep our eye out. You liberals might call this profiling. We call it common sense.

  15. Steve Says:

    Nice to hear from you again, Ray Ed. Glad to hear you and the Gneck clan are keeping the heartland and the coastlines safe from hard working families who risk their lives each day to perform jobs you and yours won’t go near, and want nothing but the best for their children. Got to keep those dark-skinned people who believe in the American dream from achieving their goals, right?

    God bless your ass and Merry Christmas.

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