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Monday, December 3, 2007

Craig’s List

Filed under: Across the Fruited Plain — Steve @ 3:25 pm

Boise, IO (AP) — Eight men say they either had sex with Sen. Larry Craig or were targets of sexual advances by the Idaho lawmaker at various times during his political career, a newspaper reported.

One of the men is the former escort wCraigsfoot.jpghose allegations disgraced the Rev. Ted Haggard, former president of the National Association of Evangelicals, the Idaho Statesman reported Sunday. Two of the identified men and one of the unidentified men told the newspaper they had sex with Craig.

One of the men identified in the report, Mike Jones, 50, described as a former male escort, was the focus of the sex scandal involving Haggard, the disgraced leader of Colorado’s New Life Church. Jones said Craig paid him $200 for sex in late 2004 or early 2005. The encounter took place at a studio apartment in downtown Denver, Jones said. — Associated Press

Thus far, Sen. Larry “Wide Stance” Craig has refused comment. Aides told reporters, “He’s unable to respond at this time. His mouth is full.”

6 Responses to “Craig’s List”

  1. The Real Men of Idaho Says:

    People are making ‘way too much out of this. This is Idaho. What man hasn’t had sex with Larry Craig? And believe us when we tell you he’s not much worse a fuck than some of the farm animals out here.

  2. girlsnap Says:

    You write GREAT headlines. Love your blog!

  3. Maury Letven Says:

    What’s the big deal? Isn’t he a memeber of the Log Packin’ Republicans? (Rimshot here)

    But seriously folks I hear that his new campaign song is “Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places”.

    You’ve been a great audience!

  4. Verticus Says:

    You’re so bad…and funny too. Ditto on the “headlines.”

  5. Steve Says:

    Welcome to Maury. Now I have two cousins who have commented on the blog. Too bad the family isn’t any bigger. Well, sort of.

    BTW — I thought it was the Log GRABBIN’ Republicans, but the point’s the same.

    The word today is Craig’s denying everything. “Serve in Congress for 30 years and I’m the ‘venerable’ Larry Craig, but suck ONE dick and all of a sudden I’m ‘Larry Craig the fag.’ Not fair, not right.”

  6. glennk Says:

    I never realized just how wide Sen. Craig’s stance really was. Hell, he had a leg in every men’s rm in the west and the east. I bet if you check out most of the men’s rms stalls in half the country you’ll probably find a Larry Craig was here ..for sex please call …written on the walls.

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