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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

When They Say It’s About the Money They Mean It’s About the Money

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Sadly, rumors connecting Trent Lott’s retirement announcement to a fling with a male escort have been scotched:

A San Antonio-based gay male escort categorically denied Monday that outgoing GOP Sen. Trent Lott had ever procured his services, putting to bed one of the more stunning rumors to emerge following Lott’s announcement earlier in the day that he was leaving Congress.

The charge was first published by the Washington DC blog Big Head DC, which claimed to have emails where the escort, Benjamin Nicholas, allegedly playing coy, declined to go on the record because “Trent is going through his fair share of scrutiny right now and I don’t want to add to it.”

But in an email message, Nicholas himself said the item was false. “There’s nothing to be said, as Lott and I have no connection whatsoever,” Nicholas wrote in an email to The Huffington Post. “How these ‘quotes’ have been fabricated are beyond me. The Senator is someone I have had no personal dealings with, ever.”

In a subsequent posting on his own Web site, Nicholas wrote, “I have not, nor have I ever seen or had contact with Senator Trent Lott. It’s as simple as that. It never happened.” — Huffington Post

“How come whenever a prominent Republican announces his retirement, everybody immediately thinks “gay sex scandal?” grumbled Senator Larry Craig, R-MT.

trent_lott.jpg“I blame the liberal media for this kind of mudslinging,” groused ex-Rep Mark Foley, R-FL.

Senator Lott seemed relatively unperturbed by the rumor. “I said I was leaving to make even more money,” he patiently explained to reporters. “I’m doing it for money. What, you never heard of doing it for money? In Washington, the only reason anybody does anything any time is for the money. M-O-N-E-Y. Which letter don’t you understand?”

I’m with Senator Lott. Why is the concept of prostitution so difficult to grasp? It’s the oldest profession there is, and the U.S. Congress is nothing if not professional.

8 Responses to “When They Say It’s About the Money They Mean It’s About the Money”

  1. Hugh Bris Says:

    This is good news. I’m happy that gay whores have more taste and class than to associate with Trent Lott.

  2. glennk Says:

    Lot, wasn’t he the guy from Sodom or was that Gomorrah? Hmmmm…. “Lott a Sodomite!!” will the the headlines after this post 😉

  3. Camiel Toe Says:


  4. Manuel A. Tellechea Says:

    I said it here at the time Sen. Craig’s toilet episode and was lambasted for it: a majority of the Republican congressional leadership are closetted gays. Its their way of purging themselves of their homosexuality while continuing to practice it. For each anti-gay law that they propose one of their gay transgressions is forgiven, or so they suppose.

    If the rumors circulating around Trent Lott are wrong, it will be the first time that such rumors are.

  5. Steve Says:

    Manny: Remember those great stories out of California back when he was governor that Ronald Reagan was a lesbian?

    Regarding this one, it’s already dead and buried. I agree with comment #1.

  6. Manuel A. Tellechea Says:


    The story died with his career. No need to out him now that he’s out of the picture. Craig, too, could have had an easier exit if he had resigned immediately after having been caught in the bathroom stall.

  7. Neil Says:

    Are you actually claiming that saying Ronald Reagan was homosexual? You’re going to hell.

  8. Steve Says:

    Merry Christmas, Neil! See you in hell!

    Manny, of course, can (and often does) speak for himself.

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